Happy Valentines Day, San Francisco

14 Feb

you can find yourself

In the city

when you find yourself looking

What is San Francisco if not a big  “___ & Found?”

I came to the city put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece had its place and every car had a parking spot. That was the suburbs for you. Mountain View California breeds the expectation that parking signs only say one thing, cars have ample room to emit carbon monoxide, and the most exciting restaurant nearby is Fresh Choice. Blueberry muffins anyone?

It took two weeks for San Francisco to undo me and let it be known that no amount of organization, willpower, or habit of getting my way was going to grant me ease and comfort in this city. I quickly traded my frustrations for appreciation–for every cold gust of wind, foggy day, and missing parking spot that I experienced I received a multitude of gifts.

A gift is something you get without expectation. I never expected San Francisco to give me the presents and presence it has. I found things I didn’t know I was looking for. Friendships, new forms of dance, a growing love for jazz and blues, art, artists, a kaleidoscope of views and viewpoints, tastes, flavors, sights, sounds, feelings, and most of all… me. You see yourself every day, but in San Francisco you get to be yourself.

This city is a lost and found. Lost people, lost loves, lost causes… they all congregate here to regain their sense of self, join forces, and return to life with the support of a city that is full of hope and beauty. This is the city where art shows up on sidewalks, on drainpipes, in the homes of real people… This is the city where people declare who they really are and wave a rainbow flag to prove it. This is the city where grown ups keep growing but stop concerning themselves so much with the word “up.”

“Up” is an illusion that keeps you from being able to see what’s amazing around you. I love this city. I love the many opportunities at self awareness, absolute amazement, and complete joy that San Francisco offers. I love that “growth” and “play” are synonymous for so many of its residents. I love that when I feel lost I still know I’ve found myself in this place I’ve chosen to be home.

Here you go, San Francisco. I painted this for you.

"____ & Found"

"____ & Found" painted for "No Horesplay in the Train Station" at 5 Claude Lane

5 Claude Lane

One Response to “Happy Valentines Day, San Francisco”

  1. Manu March 2, 2011 at 6:22 am #

    Someone special knows how we both feel the same way about the little piece of 7×7 goodness..I just wish I had something even remotely as awesome as your creativity to pay homage to the city! Keep Shining TCJoy!


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