The last arrow

17 Feb
The last arrow

Inspired by the last arrow

I’m so tired of playing,
Playing with this bow and arrow,
Gonna give my heart away,
Leave it to the other girls to play,
For I’ve been a temptress too long.

– Lyrics from “Glory Box” by Portishead


There is freedom in the moment

I’m learning to commit to the moment. I’m learning to find infinity through trust and truth. It takes courage to draw lines in your life–to love fully without fear of making a mistake.

So I take a deep breath and dip my brush into the darkest pigment I can find. I exhale as I let the canvas and ink meet. My only role is to guide the lines and accept the outcome.

There are no bets to hedge. There is no ctrl+z to push. There is no going backwards. There is only the chance that something lovely will occur or disaster might strike, leaving a mess that cannot be undone.

This is life. This is art. This is love.

Last arrow

"Last arrow" Painted for "No Horseplay in the Train Station" at 5 Claude Lane

5 Claude Lane

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