It’s never too late to wake yourself up

9 Mar
to tell the truth

Truth is better than coffee.


Wake up

Say something so true that it makes you blush.

Listen to something so real that makes you squirm.

Do something so you it makes you laugh at yourself.

Pogo said…

7 Feb
"Music Cupid"

Music Cupid

Drawing inspiration.

Find yourself…

2 Feb
Lost in the moment

. . .

… getting lost in the moment.

Daydreaming at night

25 Jan

This is where I draw the line.

You are now free to move beyond the cabin.

13 Jan
dream girl

Carry on.

It’s not baggage if it doesn’t weigh you down.

Sometimes you see better when you stop looking.

12 Jan


A radiant woman.

Plywood for Good!

30 Jun

Modern day mother nature & Screaming Bunnies

Today’s big grin is sponsored by the completion of this painting for Collective Good’s latest awesomeness: A fundraiser for Japan. If you want to support a good cause and bid skateboard decks painted by artists and designers who are using Plywood for Good come to Project One on July 14th!